31 Instagram Story Ideas To Increase Engagement With Your Followers

If you are on Instagram, you have probably heard how important it is to stay consistent.

But what can you do when you run into a creativity block and are not sure what to post?

I came up with 31 Instagram story ideas to help you on those days you are feeling stuck in what you should post in your story.

Instagram stories can be fun because it is the place to share relax where you can share content that won’t make it on the feed. It is the best place to connect with your audience.

How Will Instagram Stories Help Your Account Grow?

Staying consistent in your stories will help you account grow because it will increase your engagement with your audience. The more they engage with your account, the more visible all your content is to them. They will see your posts more often.

It all comes down to the algorithm and how the Instagram algorithm works.

Any interaction with your posts and this includes your stories is good for engagement. Engagement can be anything from a comment or an answer on your polls.

A few things that have helped me boost my engagement and gain real followers by using stories are:

  • Improving my photography skills
  • Using This or That polls
  • Tagging other Instagram accounts
  • Using hashtags

The best way to get engagement is to create content as much as possible. Every single day if you can! The algorithm loves this and you content will get better by staying consistent. It will be easier to understand what your audience wants to see, your content creating skills will improve, and you will step up your game each and every time. STAY CONSISTENT even if you don’t necessarily feel like it.

I am hoping this guide will help you get ideas for you Instagram stories. These ideas could work as reels too.

I am a lifestyle blogger and the ideas I am sharing will work for this niche. If you are a beginner, sometimes you may not have your niche figured out right away. That is okay. As you create more, you will figure this out.

31 Instagram Story Ideas

1. morning coffee/tea/drink

  • film yourself making your favorite morning drink

2. skin care routine morning or night

  • film and talk about the products you are using in your routine.

3. tap to glam

  • a before and after of makeup or hair. Use a tap here gif as a call to action.

4. film your work space

  • give a tour of your work area or before and after of your updated work space

5. what I eat in a day

  • share what you are eating. your audience will love getting ideas for their menu

6. make a seasonal drink

  • look on Pinterest for some inspiration for seasonal drinks and then make it on camera

7. hair routine

  • Film your hairstyle of the day or daily hair routine

8. makeup routine

  • talk about your favorite makeup products you use often or film yourself getting ready

9. show your outdoor space or view

  • a sky or scenic shot is nice and make sure to tag your location

10. exercise routine

  • i see instagrammers on tread mills, on walks, or working out at home. set up phone on your tripod record and trim the excess footage. This can be motivating content for your audience.

11. skincare/makeup/clothing haul

  • film an unboxing of your recent online or in store purchase

12. run a poll

  • running a poll can be about anything. as you post more polls you will get to know which types of polls work best. one poll idea to start with is how is your day going? good or okay

13. tap to tidy

  • posting a before and after of tidying up a space in your home such as a makeup drawer, a junk drawer, the play room, etc..

14. currently watching

  • show what you are currently watching or ask for suggestions on what to watch

15. share a funny reel or post

  • share a reel that made you laugh or a post that you can relate to. you can share anyone’s post or reel as long as they are a public account.

16. share an inspiring quote

  • create your own graphic in canva or share one you find on instagram in your story

17. share your latest posts

  • each time you post on instagram, share it to your stories. every once in a while share a week’s worth of posts in your stories.

18. online shopping list

  • share some screen shots of what items you currently have in your shopping cart and screenshots of items that you are interested in purchasing.

19. favorite beauty products

  • share you favorite beauty products or your daily routine

20. share your favorite podcasts

  • share podcasts that you are loving with your audience

21. follow friday

  • tag your favorite instagram accounts to follow and they might share it to their story which increases your reach

22. favorite snacks

  • share what you are currently snacking on or your favorite snacks

23. your daily to do list

  • type a to do list on your notes app and share it with your audience

24. grocery haul

  • share what you buy weekly. so many people are find this interesting because it helps them plan their meals for the week.

25. currently reading

  • are you currently reading a book? share the title and your thoughts with your audience.

26. photography tips

  • share the process that you take for your instagram account from taking the photos. From location and lighting tips. Share how you take those shots.

27. screen record photo editing

  • Record the process of how you edit your photos. This will provide value to your followers.

28. throwback

  • Share an old post of yourself or your blog photography. People love to see growth.

29. impromptu chat

  • Hop on stories and share something interesting about the day. Share something that you struggled with and how you overcame it. Be transparent. This is how your audience will connect and relate to you.

30. Tap to decorate

  • The only time I decorate is around the holidays, but anytime you decorate a small space in your home take a before and after.

31. Behind the Scenes

  • Share what you are currently doing for your business or what you are doing that day.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful!