Everything you need to know about Instagram reels

Instagram reels has been one of my favorite features on the platform. They are super fun to create and watch. Before you try creating your own reel, I recommend watching some reels that pop up in your similar niche to get inspired! If you are familiar with TikTok it is comparible to the shorter videos you see over on that platform.

what is a reel?

A reel is a short video on instagram between 15 and 30 seconds long. Audio, text, and filters can be added to your reel. Reels add a fun and creative way to engage with your audience and even grow a bigger audience because of how many instagram users you can reach when posting this content.

PRO TIP: Save audio from popular reels on instagram that are in your niche to use on your own reels.

Instagram loves when their users create reels and they will make sure this type of content gets seen. They are obviously competing in some way with TikTok when it comes to creating content on their platform. The instagram algorithm will definitely favor your page when you are creating this type of video content.

how to create a reel?

Personally, I film my reels through the instagram app because it is easy to add all of the elements I just talked about. First, you click on the + button, & select reel at the bottom. Now, you can a set timer, change the speed, add a filter, and add your music.

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what to know before you hit publish

create reels within your niche

Think of reels as a different way to deliver valuable content to your existing audience. It is also a good opportunity to engage and reach a wider audience. Sticking to your niche/expertise will avoid confusing your current audience and help attract more of your ideal audience as well.

Reels is completely different from stories where it is okay to share the behind the scenes of your day.

strive to inspire or add value

Instagram reels is very much like any other content where it is important to provide value. If your niche is fashion, create a get ready with me reel, a week of work outfits inspiration reel, or at home beauty hacks. Reels can allow you to get really creative while still providing that value your audience loves!

use the right song

Under trending is all the music that is currently trending on instagram reels. The list under saved is all the audio that has been saved from other reels. The for you list is a list of audio that is suggested to you by instagram. Make sure the audio you choose matches the reel and content you create.

encourage more watch time

The longer people are staying to view your reel, the more instagram favors this and makes your reel visible to a lot more users. There are few ways to encourage watch time.

  • by adding text
  • tutorials or hacks
  • a round up
  • writing a caption that peaks their curiousity
use hashtags

Use hashtags to increase your reach. Just like all other content on instagram, use relevent hashtags in your reels too! This increases the chance of instagram users seeing your content when they are searching their favorite hashtags.

PRO TIP: use niche specific hashtags with a lower to medium competitive hashtag. you want enough posts using the same hashtags, but not too many

add a call to action

Add a call to action at the end like “follow for more outfit inspo” or keep an eye on my stories for more details. there is an opportunity in every post to direct your audience to something else and keep them engaged in your content.

DO NOT repurpose your TikToks for Instagram Reels

Alot of accounts have been banned from doing reels because of the ability to repurpose a TikTok and add it as a reel. The thing is there is a TikTok watermark on those short videos. Instagram is competing with TikTok so make sure to make your reels using the instagram app.

are you ready to create your first instagram reel?

Now that you know the power of instagram reels, go start creating! instagram is highly favoring accounts using reels at the moment and those accounts are reaching much larger audiences than ever before.

Are you using instagram reels yet?