5 tips to growing your instagram following organically

Are you a blogger who is struggling to grow your audience on Instagram?

I have been there and not to say I am an Instagram expert because I am not. I do know a thing or two because I failed and failed again. I learned what works and what doesn’t on there.

I am here to share my experiences with as many other bloggers as I can so that it doesn’t take you as long to figure out Instagram as it did for me.

What does organic growth mean?

Organic growth means growing your Instagram account without buying followers and fake likes which I do not suggest.

It also means growing your account without paying for ads which I do suggest learning.

Organic growth is possible with the right strategies. It has a lot to do with gaining trust and being relatable to your audience.

The 5 tips I share today will help you build trust and gain creditability with your audience because you are being authentic.

5 Tips for Growing your Instagram Account Organically

1. Stay consistent with your niche

Posting only content that your audience expects will increase engagement because they will enjoy it more. The Instagram algorithm loves when your content is engaging and the number of people that will see your content on their feeds will go up.

I have made the mistake of posting just anything just to post. Strictly post beauty content has increased my engagement, my reach, and my account is growing steady and strong every day.

2. Do not compare your account to everyone

Comparing your Instagram content to everyone else’s will hold you back in creating authentic content.

Here is why. When you are comparing, you will never think your content is good enough because it doesn’t look like your favorite blogger.

The problem is your content shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. Focus on getting inspired by other content and making it your own.

When I start feeling like my content isn’t as good as everyone else’s my best tip is to stop scrolling and focus on creating only at least until you are in a better head space with your content.

3. Connect with your audience

When you are on Instagram long enough you start to find people that have the same interests.

They follow what you are up to and vise versa. Engaging with your audience is key to building those relationships and partnerships on this platform.

Respond to their comments, answer their questions, and respond to their DMs. This is a good way to show them that they can know, like and trust you which is very important.

4. Use the right hashtags

Using hashtags can connect you with other accounts that are just like yours. I have been able to connect with other mom entrepreneurs by using the right hashtags.

I use Planoly to save my tags in groups according to my posts.

This is helpful because you want to review you Instagram account insights and understand which hashtag groups are working best.

Also, I recommend researching hashtags that are related to your posts every so often.