5 tips to growing your instagram following organically

i use my instagram quite a lot these days. it is such a powerful tool. i have one link in my instagram bio. when i applied all the tips i have listed in this post, i have seen my engagement and audience reach skyrocket. in turn the more eyes are on your content the number of followers will go up.

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stay consistent with your niche

most of us like predictability. posting only content that your audience expects will increase engagement. the instagram algorithm loves when your content is engaging and the number of people that will see your content on their feeds will go up.

i have made the mistake of posting and not sticking to one niche. now i strictly post beauty content. doing this has proved well and my audience is growing slow and steady.

do not compare your account to everyone

comparing your instagram content to everyone else’s will hold you back in creating authentic content. here is why. when you are comparing, you will never think your content is good enough because it doesn’t look like your favorite blogger. it isn’t suppose to look like everyone else’s. focus on getting inspired by other content and making it your own.

build a relationship with your audience

when you are on instagram long enough you start to find people that have the same interests. they follow what you are up to and vise versa. engaging with your audience is key to building those relationships and partnerships on this platform.

do not force content

nothing is worse than posting forced content just to post.


I know. It seems this has nothing to do with being authentic, but hear me out.

If you need to take a break from social media, make sure to keep using Pinterest. It is a search engine more than a social media app.

So even though you have taken a break, you can automate your pins through Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes. This way there is no loss in momentum with your blog traffic.

Thanks for reading!